AirReport provides a means of obtaining and viewing up-to-date METAR and TAF reports on your Android phone. The reports are displayed in a user friendly dashboard and can be viewed raw or decoded. All reports are obtained from the publicly available NOAA website. AirReport contains an inbuilt database of airport weather stations that can be searched by ICAO, IATA or name.

AirReport is currently being published via the Android Market in Lite* and Pro* versions.


  • Obtain up-to-date METAR and TAFs from NOAA
  • Any number of METARs displayed decoded or raw in a user friendly summary dashboard
  • METARs categorised using Visual Flight Rules
  • View decoded and raw METAR/TAF on a detail screen for each station
  • Age of METAR/TAF shown to communicate relevance
  • Show METAR/TAF measurements in any combination of metric or imperial
  • Search for stations using ICAO or name from an inbuilt database of worldwide stations
  • Saves last loaded METAR/TAF
  • Auto update of METAR/TAFS when adding a new station or METAR becomes overdue
  • Sortable dashboard to organise stations to your preference (Pro only)
  • View historical METAR reports for stations (Pro only)
  • Search by IATA codes (Pro only)
  • Move to SD card (Pro only)


Dashboard (decoded)

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